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Minimalist homeschool room ideas for small spaces

If you are homeschooling (or about to) and you have limited space at home, chances are, you are searching the internet for minimalist homeschool room ideas.

Oh hello, Pinterest. How are ya?

Search no more because I will be sharing with you some important homeschool room ideas for those who have small spaces. Having a dedicated homeschool space helps you and your homeschooler to focus and be “in the zone.”

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Awesome, let’s jump right in.

What do I need for a minimalist homeschool room? 

The first thing you need for a minimalist homeschool room is the mindset that you need to go minimal. Homeschooling can be really messy, so it is important to eliminate clutter and only make room for the things that matter. Going minimal will give you plenty of space and save you hours of cleaning up.

Here are some minimalist homeschool room ideas to consider:

1. Your homeschool room must be free from distractions

Many homeschooling moms love to decorate their kids’ homeschool space. While decorating your homeschool area may be as fun as you think it is, putting out only what your child needs is the way to go. The key to a distraction-free homeschooling is to simplify.

And by simplifying, I mean not having

  • Too much wall decorations (which I will discuss further below)
  • Dozens of throw pillows (big and small)
  • Toys scattered on the floor

Kids have a short attention span. Therefore, it is very important that you create a learning environment that would prevent him/her to lose interest in studying.

A minimalist homeschool room is homey and kid-friendly. Establish an atmosphere that will make your homeschool room their favorite room in the house.

2. Keep homeschool supplies at a minimum

It may be overwhelming to shop for all the cute little stuff you see from your local bookstore, but admit it, you know that your child will probably not be able to use all the resources that only you want to buy.

For instance, do you need to buy hundreds of crayons when you know that a 24-piece Crayola set will suffice?

Shopping for school supplies is one of the most exciting parts of homeschooling. But if you only have a small space dedicated to homeschooling, it’s best not to go overboard with buying homeschool supplies.

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3. Get comfortable chairs and tables

One of the most important pieces of furniture you would ever need is a comfortable desk set that your child will use for a long time.

If you have to spend a fortune for a homeschooling need, it should be for a comfy chair and table; kids can sometimes get wiggly on their seats, so a sturdy one is recommended.

4. Maximize natural lighting

As much as possible, station your dedicated homeschool space somewhere near a window to allow natural lighting. If you really have a very small space, you may increase natural lighting by installing mirrors behind a bookshelf or somewhere near where your child might be doing a lot of activity time.

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5. Try to minimize wall decorations

If your child will not use it, do not buy it; if an item is for aesthetic purposes only, think twice before you put it.

While it may be good to accentuate, it may not be conducive to small spaces. Save the space for what is necessary – like a small area for an activity board.  After all, you do not want your child admiring your colorful decorations all day instead of focusing more on your lessons.

minimalist homeschool room ideas for small spaces  homeschooling for busy moms


These are fool-proof minimalist homeschool room ideas that you might want to keep in mind when dedicating your homeschool area for small spaces. Remember, you do not want a distracted learner, so it is important to make sure to keep only what your child will need.

Do you have any homeschool room ideas that worked the trick? Let us know in the comments.

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