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Here’s why we love My Pre-k Box – Preschool subscription box

With all the small children in the house, we are constantly in search of that early educational edge we can give to set them up in the future. But to be honest, homeschooling is not easy, especially in the early years. 

Good thing that we heard about My Pre-K Box. My daughter and I really enjoyed their boxes every month, and we are happy to report that we have finally deemed it recommendable to all. We think it is the best preschool subscription box for anyone who has preschool children.


What is a preschool subscription box?

A preschool subscription box is a monthly subscription filled with early childhood learning lessons and tools. Subscription boxes have become a popular and new way to get fresh goods and services, as we have previously seen in food boxes and monthly toiletry kits.

Subscription boxes have now reached the area of preschool learning and activities, and we think this is a fantastic idea. As every hands-on parent knows, teaching and holding the interests of young kids require a big amount of creative and persuasive effort. A good preschool subscription box takes away most of the creative work and drives kids into a learning focus beneficial in their early years.

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What is My Pre-K Box?

My Pre-K Box is a premium preschool subscription box that delivers on this promise. Every month, a box is delivered to you containing high-quality learning materials and packed activities for your children. The package focuses on four areas: pre-kindergarten math, literacy, craft, and sensory activities.

  • Math – number sense, problem-solving, sorting, geometry, patterns, measurement, etc.
  • Literacy – growing vocabulary, phonemic awareness, letter formation, print awareness, letter sounds, etc.
  • Craft – fine motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, etc.
  • Sensory – problem-solving, self-control, manual dexterity, focus, etc. 

We love the fact that each package is carefully designed by a team that includes actual moms. My Pre-K Box owner and founder is passionate about child learning and development and was struck by the idea that homeschooling can start early and can be loads of fun. They completely promised that their activities are kid-approved ages 3-6.

My Pre-Box boxes have set themes for each month to keep the interest and excitement going. The team is also completely open to suggestions about interesting themes and topics for the next month’s box. This shows they have an excellent customer care, one of the things I appreciate about the company.

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What’s inside My Pre-K Box?

The contents of each My Pre-Box box will differ each month, but typically, each box will contain the following:

  • A new theme
  • A grownup guide
  • A storage boxes
  • Two literacy games
  • Two math games
  • A sensory play activity
  • A fun craft project
  • Hands-on learning tools

The program also provides an option for additional craft projects and fun, bright sticker sets.

All the things you will need are included, so it saves the parents tons of time and effort. No additional materials will be necessary, aside from common items you may already have like glue and pencils. So once the box is delivered, the kids can immediately dive into it.

Choose your plan

The Pre-K Box offers three different subscription plans, so you can try one out at minimal cost:

  • Monthly – $37.95 per month with FREE SHIPPING
  • 3 months – $35.95 per month with FREE SHIPPING
  • 6 months – $32.95 per month with FREE SHIPPING

Plus, if an order comes in before the 28th, the first box will ship the first week of the new month. The next renewal cycle can be cancelled anytime, although frankly, you may not want to stop. Kids will look forward to every delivery date because it is so much fun.

Fun and affordable subscription boxes for preschool homeschoolers

Want a free gift?

Right now, the My Pre-K Box team has a special treat for subscribers. Take a 3 or 6- month subscription plan and they will send a free About Me pack together with the first month’s box, an additional hours’ worth of educational entertainment for kids. We really recommend this free gift as it is an added value you do not want to miss.

We hope you fall in love with the My Pre-K Box as we did, and see your own tykes grow and surprise you as ours did. 

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