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Just as you thought that homemaking is based on women’s instincts, you’re wrong.  This is why I looooove The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. As a first time mom, I didn’t realize that homemaking is such a daunting task. I thought I can just “wing it”. Turns out, I need A LOT of help. 

Raising my daughter is one of my greatest joys. But taking care of her while taking care of the house is a different story. As someone who loves creating content for my blog, it’s been a pleasure to discover authors, bloggers, and content creators in my niche. 

Today, I’m going to share my honest review and experience with The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and some of my favorite resources from it. 

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020 Review

What is The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020?

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a massive online resource for moms of all ages. It has:

  • 14 eCourses
  • 9 eBooks
  • 16 planners & printables
  • 9 workbooks
  • 2 membership sites and a summit. 

In total, you get 51 products worth $1298.41, for only $29.97. 

Who’s behind The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020?

The Ulitmate Homemaking Bundle is put up together by none other than Ultimate Bundles. Ultimate Bundles partner with brilliant content creators, bloggers, and authors to develop high-value collections of digital products at HUGE discounts. 

And by huge, I mean REALLY HUGE. 

Imagine, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has 51 products valued at over $1000 for only $29.97. 

Moreover, they’re always on the lookout for course contributors to take part in their existing bundles. 

If you’re interested to become a contributor, you may get the details here.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

Pros of The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Pro #1. It’s massive. Did I already mention that this bundle has 51 online resources? That’s something you can’t get anywhere else.

Pro #2. Learn from the experts. This isn’t just coming from gossip girls in your neighborhood. With The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, you get expert tips from authors, bloggers, and content creators in various niches. Learn about parenting, how to have a better marriage, homeschooling for busy moms, meal planning, and organizing your home like a professional.

Pro #3. Get the bang for your buck. With The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, you get 51 products valued at over $1000. Instead of paying that amount, you get everything for only $29.97.

Pro $4. Send it as a gift. If you have friends or loved ones who are just about to start their own families, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is the best “holiday gift” you can give.

Pro #5. Perfect for first time moms. Does the thought of transitioning from a working girl into a stay-at-home mom bothers you? Are you scared to feel less than a woman just because you’ve given up your career to start a family? Or, does it make you guilty that sometimes, you wish you haven’t said “yes?” Don’t worry. These thoughts doesn’t make you bad. In fact, they’re all valid. But, to prepare your mind and heart in the next phase of your life as a woman, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is the best guide for you.

Cons of The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 

In all honestly, I can’t think of any cons for The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, except the overwhelm. With 51 resources, plus the excitement after purchasing it, you really don’t know where to start. I suggest you don’t explore everything in one sitting. Take your time. When I purchased The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle last year, I started with home organization and decor, and I love it. I’m not really good at keeping things pretty and tidy around the house. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle saved my sanity. Using the resources I got, I was able to tidy up and decorate our home and create a system that makes it easy for me to clean.

What to do next after purchasing The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

Upon purchasing, you will receive an email with a link to their easy-to-use access page with your very own unique login. This will allow you to access the files conveniently. Then, you can download the files from your computer and create a folder to arrange them in categories.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020 Flash Sale

What’s inside The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

Here is a list of what’s inside The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020. Those under home management are my favorites.

Home Management

CLEAN & DECLUTTER (8 products worth $143.48)

  • 5 Days of Cleaning Motivation (eCourse) by Joanie Boeckman $20.00
    The eCourse you need to go from domestically challenged to domestically motivated.
  • Cleaning with Essential Oils: Your Guide to All Natural Cleaning (eBook) by Kristyn Bango $19.99
    Learn about different microbes and the M.I.C. and how to formulate effective antimicrobial cleaners.
  • Declutter in Minutes (Planner) by Tracy Lynn $27.00
    A planner that helps you to easily weave decluttering and organizing into your already busy day.
  • Journey to Clean 2020 Cleaning Cards (Printable) by Leslie Lambert $8.99
    Gives you simple cleaning tasks on printable cards.
  • Motivated Moms Classic (Planner) by Susan Cramer $19.00
    A done-for-you checklist to clean and maintain your home!
  • Printable Housekeeping Checklists (eBook) by Dana K White $6.00
    Printable checklists to help even the most overwhelmed! 
  • The Essential Decluttering Starter Kit (Workbook) by Celeste Fennell $20.00
    All the tools you need to start decluttering your home!
  • Work Yourself Out of a Job Household Chore Templates & Checklists (Printable) by Erin Odom $22.50 A packet of cleaning cheat sheets and checklists to help parents teach their children how to clean various rooms around their home.

ORGANIZATION & DECOR (11 products worth $450.00)

  • 50 Days to Frugal (Workbook) by Heather O’Donnell $19.00
    Money saving missions to transform your finances one tiny step at a time.
  • Dreams by Design 2020 Planner (Planner) by Karen Schravemade $19.00
    The planner that helps you make your big dreams into daily habits.
  • Feng Shui Essentials (eCourse) by Brianna Berner $97.00
    Learn the ancient practice of Feng Shui to harmonize your energy and life and improve your wellness, relationships, prosperity, success, and well-being.
  • Holiday Planning Playbook (Planner) by Emily Counts $22.00
    This holiday planner includes everything you need to get organized and plan a stress-free holiday season.
  • Homemaking Bundle Trello Tracking Board (eCourse) by Kristi, Paperless Boss $11.00
    Track all the products and associated information in your bundle purchase electronically AND on the go! 
  • How to Design a Room: From Start to Finish (eBook) by Ashley Carpenter $7.00
    Learn a step-by-step process that will help you decorate & design any room with confidence!
  • How to Plan Your Life: A Practical Approach to Actually Achieving Your Goals (eCourse) by Abby Lawson $12.00
    An exclusive workshop designed to help you define your priorities, set specific, actionable goals based on those priorities, and then break those big goals down into easy-to-accomplish baby steps.
  • Making Your Life Perfect Right Where You Are (eCourse) by Jennifer Roskamp $99.00
    A self-paced course that will give you the tools to manage the parts of life that bring overwhelm so you can find peace and joy in your daily life, your home, your relationships, and with your emotions. 
  • Room by Room Chore Checklist (Printable) by Rachel Norman & Lauren Tamm $12.00
    The room by room chore checklist helps your children know what chores to do, by room, with handy printable checklists. 
  • The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner and Supplement Kit (Planner) by Susan Heid $8.00
    This will keep busy moms from all walks of life motivated, organized and on track with all their to-do items day after day, week after week, all year long.
  • The Beautiful Home Printables Toolkit (Membership) by Mauri Jane King $47.00
    The simple decorating solution for women who love to create a colorful & welcoming space for every season.
  • Time Management Freedom (eCourse) by Deanna Dolbel $97.00
    Get more done in your online business so you can earn fabulous amounts of income in less time. A complete time management and productivity system for busy mom bosses.

IN THE KITCHEN (5 products worth $111.44)

  • Garden Harvest Recipes: A Plant to Plate Cookbook (eBook) by Holly Bertone $7.99
    Living a healthy lifestyle begins with the food you put inside your body – these recipes will help you start!
  • Quick Start Guide to Water Bath Canning (eBook) by Victoria Pruett $7.50
    Learn to water bath can jam, jelly, pie filling, salsa, pickles, and more!
  • Take 10 Challenge (eCourse) by Laura Coppinger $17.00 Learn to take just 10 minutes each morning to help you put 10 delicious real food meals on the table at night!
  • The All American Recipe Guide (eBook) by JJ Virgin $14.95
    26 recipes that nurture and nourish you and your loved ones.
  • Uncomplicated Kitchen: 3 Step System for Simpler Weeknight Cooking (eCourse) by Ruthy Kirwin $64.00
    A proven 3-step system that will help you streamline your weeknight kitchen, and free up your time making dinner in the evenings. 


FOR KIDS (3 products worth $83.00)

  • Anchored Kids Planner: Growing Kids of Character + Responsibility (Planner) by Kayse Pratt $24.00
    The only kids planner designed to help your children grow in responsibility, character, and creativity!
  • Green Means Go! Use the Stoplight Method to Calm Big Emotions (Printable) by Corinne Roth $10.00
    Help children recognize and talk about their feelings, and then find healthy, calm ways to express their big emotions.
  • Not So Bummer Summer (eCourse) by JoAnn Crohn $49.00
    Your kids will entertain themselves this summer – without being glued to their screens.
  • Printable Kids Activity Book Mini Bundle (Printable) by Corinne Schmitt $9.95
    Five fun activity books to provide kids with hours of fun!

HOMESCHOOL (7 products worth $121.68)

  • Alphabet Bundle (Printable) by Carisa Hinson $8.75
    Explore the alphabet at home with your young kids!
  • Art Camp: Everything You Need to Run Three Weeks of Exciting Lessons (Workbooks) by Cathy James $9.99
    Everything you need to run three weeks of exciting art camp lessons.
  • Celebrate Nature (Workbook) by Holly Chubb (Workbook) $12.00
    Takes poetry, copy work, memory work and nature study and works them all together into a six-week study on the poems of Aileen Fisher.
  • Inspire a Love of Learning (eCourse) by Kerry Beck $39.00
    Simple faith-based techniques to help your kids fall in love with learning.
  • The Homeschool Planner (Planner) by Sean & Caroline Allen $9.97

This planner will give you all you need to plan out your next homeschooling year!

  • The Peaceful Preschool Garden Guide (Workbook) by Jennifer Pepito $12.00 Includes four weeks of hands-on learning prompts, printables, and recipes for your preschool and kindergarten students.
  • Exercise Around The World: Explore The Geographical Roots of Fitness through Movement (eCourse) by Beth Learn $29.97
    Teach your whole family about the origins of various exercise styles while getting a great workout!

MARRIAGE (2 products worth $89.00)

  • How to Communicate Your Way to a Better Marriage (Talking Optional) (eCourse) by Dustin Riechmann (eCourse) $29.00
    Discover the path to more communication, conversation and intimacy in your marriage.
  • WeConcile: Love Happily Ever After eCourse by Jennifer Lehr, LMFT $60.00
    Fall in love again, and create the relationship of your dreams.

PARENTING (2 products worth $26.99)

  • 100 Ways to Reconnect: Simple Ways to Connect with Yourself and the Ones You Love to Create the Life You Want (Workbook) by Laura Rizer $9.99
    The ultimate guide to help busy women reconnect with themselves, their spouses, and their families to feel more fulfilled in their lives.
  • The Ultimate Birthday Party Planner (Printable) by Nathalie Brown $17.00
    This is a full system, a checklist and a workbook. It’s the absolute BEST tool to focus your creative mind so you stay calm, organized, and have a great time planning your party.


FAMILY & HOME (4 products worth $129.98)

  • Brighten Your Corner with Pretty Printables by JoDitt Williams $47.00
    A collection of over 60 joyful designs with uplifting sayings & encouraging scriptures.
  • Creating a Peaceful Home (eBook) by Amy Roberts $9.00
    Your guide to peace and calm inside your home and heart.
  • Growing in Grace with the Fruit of the Spirit: Family Bible Study (Printable) by Amy Tol $13.99
    This 30-day study helps families explore God’s Word together and inspires great conversations about godly character – and it includes Scripture cards and decor prints to emphasize the Fruits of the Spirit in your home!
  • Homemaking Ministries Online Conference 2019: Creating a Gospel Centered Home Summit by Jami Balmet $59.99
    Join the 6th annual online homemaking conference for 23 online conference sessions from some amazing mentors!

FOR KIDS (2 products worth $17.99)

  • Character Copywork (Workbook) by Sarah Avila $6.00
    Uses scripture copywork to help build Godly character in your kids – 12 character qualities and 372 scripture included. 
  • Gen to Rev: 10 Fun Activities to Teach Kids the Books of the Bible (eBook) by Sarah of BibleBaton $11.99
    Easily teach kids the books of the Bible with 10 fun, hands-on activities that kids will actually enjoy!

PERSONAL (5 products worth $114.85)

  • Choosing Confidence: A 4-Week Bible Study (Workbook) by Arabah Joy $17.00 Learn how to walk away from insecurity and into confidence with this powerful 4-week Bible study.
  • Equipping Godly Women Private Coaching Community: 3 Months (Membership) by Brittany Ann $44.85
    A monthly group coaching program designed to challenge, encourage and equip you to be the AMAZING Christian woman, wife and mother God created you to be.
  • Faithful Fitness at Home (eCourse) by Kristen Ekiss $39.00

Faith and fitness programs designed for the busy homemaker.

  • Pray Without Ceasing: Prayer Journal (Workbook) by Rachel Newcomb $7.00
    A feminine journal will uplift your spirits, grow your prayer life and give you the opportunity to reflect on your relationship with Christ.
  • Seven Days to Peace (Workbook) by Sarah Frazer $7.00
    A challenge to dive into God’s word, pray a specific prayer, and find peace!


  • Get Your Pretty On- Choice of 1 of 3 Outfit Formulas® worth up to $39
  • Hope Ink – 12 Printable Hand Lettered Cards + 2020-2021 Printable Calendar + $15 Credit to Hope Ink Shop & Three 8×10 Art Prints – Worth $158
  • Musik at Home – FREE 3 month membership – Worth $47.97
  • Puro Co – Self care mini bundle (1 soap, 1 chapstick , 1 salve) – Worth $20
  • MadeOn Skin Care – Foot Rub Lotion Stick and Peppermint Lip Balm – worth $15
  • Bloom Naturals -$15 gift certificate – Worth $15
  • Around the World Stories – 10 Free Audio Stories – worth $38
The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020


The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020 is the most comprehensive guide out there for busy moms like us. Please know that this bundle is available for 48 hours only. Sale begins on Thursday, October 1st from 12 am ET to Friday, October 2nd at 11:59 pm ET. Also, the bundle comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you think the bundle did not meet (or exceed) your expectations, (which I highly doubt) do not hesitate to ask for your money back.

Enjoy your bundle.

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